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            About Us

            Creating shared experiences

            The Rank Group has been entertaining Britain since 1937, from its origins in motion pictures to today's gaming based entertainment brands.  Over the course of more than three-quarters of a century, the Group has entertained many millions of customers in Britain and around the world.  The Group's story is one of iconic brands and talented people with a mission to entertain.

            OUR AMBITION

            To become a £1 billion revenue international gaming company by 2023, transforming our business and consistently exceeding our customer and shareholder expectations.

            WHERE WE OPERATE

            Rank operates in Great Britain, Spain and Belgium.  Great Britain is Rank’s largest market generating approximately 95% of Group revenue.

            OUR INDUSTRY

            All you need to know

            Gambling is an important sector of the leisure market in terms of employment and its broader economic contribution, both in Great Britain and across the world.

            OUR MANAGEMENT

            Board and Exec committee

            Our executive committee is responsible for day-to-day trading and is accountable to the chief executive for promoting and developing a profitable, long-term business.