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            Rank operates in the highly regulated gambling sectors of Britain, Spain and Belgium. Our operating environment is defined in part by the series of laws and regulations laid down in each territory.

            In this section we will list important information on gambling regulation, news on any regulatory changes and links to regulatory websites.

            Who regulates?

            Jurisdiction Regulatory body Government department
            Great Britain Gambling Commission of Great Britain Department for Culture, Media & Sport
            Spain Comision Nacional del Juego Ministerio del Interior
            Belgium Commission de Jeux de Hasard Ministry of Justice


            Great Britain – machine regulations

            The table below describes the regulations governing the stakes, prizes and numbers of gaming machines permitted in licensed gaming establishments in Britain.

              Stakes and prizes
            Machine category A* B1 B2 B3 B4 C D
            Max stake Unlimited £5 £2 £2 £2 £1 10p
            Max prize Unlimited £10,000 £500 £500 £400 £100 £5
              Maximum permitted per licensed establishment
            Reginal casino Up to 1,250 in aggregate
            Large casino - Up to 150 in aggregate
            Small casino - Up to 80 in aggregate
            1968 Act casino - Up to 20 in aggregate -
            Bingo club - - - Up to 20% of total Unlimited

            *Category A machines are permitted only in the Regional Casino provided for within the 2005 Act. At present the Government has no plans to permit the development of the Regional Casino.