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            Financial terminology

            Income retained by the Group after deductions for VAT and players’ winnings

            Excludes club openings, closures and relocations; and changes to gaming taxation

            Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, amortisation and exceptional items

            Operating margin
            Operating profit expressed as a percentage of revenue

            KPI terminology

            Unique customers visiting a bingo club or casino or operating an online account in the 12-month period

            Customer visits
            Individual customer visits to bingo clubs and casinos

            Spend per visit
            Revenue divided by customer visits

            Cross-channel crossover
            Percentage of venues' customers who are also digital customers

            Gaming industry terminology

            Adult gaming centre
            A licensed gaming machines arcade

            Alderney Gambling Control Commission
            The body responsible  for the regulation of eGambling in the states of Alderney

            Gambling Commission
            The governing body for all sectors of gambling in Great Britain, with the exception of the National Lottery and spread betting

            A charitable organisation that provides counselling and other services to those with gambling-related problems

            Interval games
            Automated game of bingo played in a licensed club

            Mecca Max
            Portable hand-held electronic bingo terminal available in Mecca's venues

            Main stage bingo

            Traditional game of bingo played in a licensed club

            Pari-mutuel gaming
            Gaming where players compete with each other to win prizes. The house may take a fee for organising the game but does not participate actively. Also called ‘player-to-player’ gaming

            Digital gaming and betting
            Gambling services offered to customers via the internet and mobile phone

            Responsible Gambling Trust
            A charitable organisation that funds treatment, education and research related to problem gambling and which was formed following the merger of The GREaT Foundation and the Responsible Gambling Fund

            Ticket in Ticket Out (TiTo)

            This is a technology used in modernslot machines whereby the machine prints out a barcoded slip of paper which can then either be redeemed for cash or inserted for play into other TiTo machines