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            Dividend Mandate Form (PDF 91 KB)
            Arrange for your dividends to be paid directly into your bank or building society account

            Change of Address Form (PDF 9 KB)
            Notify the Registrars of your change of address

            Stock Transfer Form (PDF 277 KB)
            If you wish to transfer your shares, use this form

            Share Account Combination Form (PDF 22 KB)
            If you have more than one Rank Group share account, use this form to merge them

            Lost share certificate/dividend cheque/tax voucher (PDF 21 KB)
            Advise the Registrars if you have lost your share certificate, dividend cheque and./ or tax voucher

            Please note that these forms should be downloaded, completed, signed and returned to:

            The Rank Group Plc Registrar,
            Equiniti Limited
            Aspect House
            Spencer Road
            West Sussex
            BN99 6DA

            If you have any queries, you can also contact them by calling the shareholder helpline: 0371 384 2098

            FCA factsheet (PDF)