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            Rank’s community-based gaming business for the Spanish market. The brand offers a range of popular community games like bingo as well as electronic roulette and slot machine games, sports betting and food, drink and live entertainment.

            Industry overview
            Bingo is one of the largest sectors of the Spanish gaming market, alongside lotteries, casinos and gaming machine arcades. Clubs generate revenue form participation fees on games of bingo, customers spending on gaming machines, food and drink.

            The industry is largely regulated on a provincial basis, with gaming machines restrictions, staking levels and taxation being determined by the local authority.

            Key people
            Albert Zorrilla – Managing Director Enracha
            Eduardo Miranda - Managing Director Rank Malta


            Key facts  
            Established 1994
            Clubs* 9
            Revenue* £35.3m
            Operating profit* £7.8m
            Customer visits* 2 million per year
            Total spend per visit* £17.86
            Revenue* (includes YoBingo) £15.5m

            * Figures as at 30 June 2019