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            Grosvenor Casinos

            The UK’s largest multi-channel casino operator. 

            The brand offers a range of popular casino table games, including roulette, blackjack, baccarat and poker as well as electronic roulette and slot machine games. The digital channel continues to gain scale and offers many popular games including its very popular live casino.

            Grosvenor Casinos also operates one unbranded casino in Belgium.

            Industry overview
            Casinos in Great Britain offer a variety of traditional games of chance in a safe, social and highly regulated environment. Customers must be 18 years or older in order to play in a casino.

            Staking levels are not capped (with the exception of electronic gaming machines) and are determined by the casino.

            Under current legislation, the following activities must be offered under a 1968 Act casino license in Great Britain: casino table games (including American roulette, blackjack, stud poker, punto, banco, sic-bo and dice); electronic games (predominantely electronic roulette), gaming machines and card room games (including player-to-player poker and mah-jong). In addition, casinos typically include licensed bars and restaurants.

            In Britain, due partly to restrictions on electronic gaming machines, the majority of casino revenue is generated by casino table games and their electronic equivalents.

            Key people


            Jonathon Swaine - Managing Director

            Debbie Husband – Operations Director

            Nigel Lewis – Director of Finance

            David Balls – Human Resources Director

            Richard Playle – Commercial Director

            Catrin White – Marketing Director


            Eitan Boyd – Managing Director

            James Boord – Chief Marketing Officer

            Liam Wallwork - Chief Operating Officer

            Judith Turner – Human Resources Director

            Jon Martin – Finance Director

            Darren Simms – Director of Operations Strategy

            Key facts  
            Established 1970
            Clubs* 53 (52 in UK; 1 in Belgium)
            Revenue* £353.2m
            Operating profit* £44.9m
            Customer visits* 6.5 million per year
            Total spend per visit* £54.9
            Revenue* £51.1m

            * Figures as at 30 June 2019