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            Mecca is a leading operator of bingo clubs.

            Rank’s multi-channel community-based gaming brand for the British market. The brand’s digital channel offers a selection of games from bingo to a wide range of slot games. The venues also offer great-value food, drink and live entertainment.

            Industry overview
            Licensed bingo clubs in Great Britain provide low-cost games of chance in a safe, secure and regulated environment. The majority of customers are women and must be 18 years or older in order to play in a bingo club.

            Bingo itself is a pari-mutuel lottery-style game where customers can win high prizes (Mecca Bingo’s record payout is £1 million) for low stakes. In addition, clubs typically incorporate large gaming machine arcades, licensed bars and restaurant areas, which are also important generators of revenue. 

            Key people


            Jonathon Swaine - Managing Director

            John Dyson – Operations Director

            Nigel Lewis – Director of Finance

            David Balls – Human Resources Director

            Richard Playle – Commercial Director

            Catrin White – Marketing Director


            Eitan Boyd – Managing Director

            James Boord – Chief Marketing Officer

            Liam Wallwork - Chief Operating Officer

            Judith Turner – Human Resources Director

            Jon Martin – Finance Director

            Darren Simms – Director of Operations Strategy

            Key facts  
            Established 1961
            Clubs* 82
            Revenue* £202.1m
            Operating profit* £28.6m
            Customer visits* 8.7 million per year
            Total spend per visit* £23.4
            Revenue* £79.7m

            * Figures as at 30 June 2019